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Coventry Business Club Branding

Uniix Studio is proud to present our recent collaboration with the Coventry University Business Club, aptly named the Coventry Business Club. This project allowed us to showcase our expertise in branding and logo design, resulting in a unique and impactful identity for the club.

ClientTinesh PadigamaDateAugust, 2022AuthorSudewa PereraShare

Project Overview

The Coventry Business Club project was an exciting opportunity for us to work closely with a dynamic team at Coventry University. Our goal was to create a brand identity that would resonate with the club’s mission and values, while also standing out in a competitive environment.

Logo Design

Our design team created a logo that is both modern and timeless. The logo represents the club’s commitment to fostering business innovation and leadership among its members. The design is versatile, ensuring it looks great on various platforms and marketing materials.


In addition to the logo, we developed a comprehensive branding strategy for the Coventry Business Club. This included selecting a distinctive color palette and typography that aligns with the club’s personality. We also provided guidelines on how to use these elements consistently across different mediums.


The result is a cohesive and compelling brand identity that truly represents the Coventry Business Club. We believe this will play a crucial role in the club’s efforts to attract and engage members, and position itself as a leading business club in the university.